GED Science and Math Prep

GED Science and Math
A Trudie House

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Instructor Information:
Rebecca Jackson
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Program consists of a review and instruction in natural science and mathematics. Course content is designed to prepare adults who have not completed high school to take the General Education Development (GED) test. Enrollment is limited to students with an assessed reading grade equivalent of 8.0 or higher as determined by A Trudie House’s entrance evaluation.




Instruction and development of reading skills as applied to interpretation of fundamentals of basic science concepts.

1. To identify important terms and understand basic concepts of biology.
2. To identify important terms and understand basic concepts of physics.
3. to identify important terms and understand basic concepts of chemistry.
4. To identify important terms and understand basic concepts of earth science.
5. To identify important terms relating to behavioral science.


Instruction and development of mathematics skills such as: fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, percent, interest, graphs, angles, perimeter and area, circumference, area and volume, and algebra.

1. To develop proficiency in working with fractions.
2. To add, subtract, multiply, and divide with decimals.
3. To understand the meaning of ratio and proportions and apply it to solving problems.
4. To understand the meaning of percent and apply it to solving problems.
5. To compute simple and compound interest.
6. To be able to read and interpret a graph.
7. To understand angles and angle relationships.
8. Understanding of geometric formulas and their use in finding perimeter area, circumference, and volume of basic geometric figures.
9. Understanding of basic algebraic principles.
Topical Outline:

1. Biology
A. Cells
B. Germs
C. Photosynthesis
D. Animal classification
E. Genetics
F. Human body/systems
2. Physics
A. Simple machines
B. Work/Force
C. Magnetism
D. Electricity
E. Light/Sound
3. Chemistry
A. Atoms
B. Mixtures/Solutions/Compounds
C. Periodic Chart
D. Chemical equations (balanced)
E. Acids/Bases
4. Earth Science
A. Earth’s interior
B. Soils/Conservation
C. Ecology/Pollution
D. Weather
E. Solar System
F. Map/Chart reading throughout


1. Fractions: Proper, improper and mixed
A. Reducing
B. Common Denominators
C. Addition
D. Subtraction
E. Multiplication
F. Division
2. Decimals
A. Addition
B. Subtractions
C. Multiplication
D. Division
E. Relation to fractions
3. Percents
A. Relations to decimals
B. Relation to fractions
C. Finding missing percent
D. Finding what percent a part is of a whole
E. Finding a whole when part is given
4. Special Topics
A. Exponents and scientific notions
B. Mean, median probability
C. Graphs
1. Interpretation
D. Volume
1. Cone
2. Pyramid
3. Rectangular solids
4. Cubes
5. Algebra
A. Negative and positive numbers
B. One step equations
C. Two step equations
D. Inequalities
E. Coordinates (graphs)
F. Slope/interest
6. Geometry
A. Angles
B. Triangles
C. Quadrilaterals
D. Special Topics
1. Square roots
2. Pythagiream Theorem
3. Circles
4. Spheres

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Mulcrose, Patricia; Fox, Karen A.; Fox, Dan A.; Brown, Bruce Robert; Phillips, Janice, The New GED .  Chicago: Contemporary Books Inc.,
Contemporary’s Number Power 1-9
McGraw Hill, Patricia Mulcrone, Ed.D., 2012.

Students will receive an “S” for satisfactory progress or an “I” for incomplete based on class attendance and participation as well as mastery of assigned tasks. Class is repeatable three times.


As a resident of A Trudie House, you are expected to exhibit conduct compatible with the mission of our organization. It is your responsibility to become familiar with and adhere to the A Trudie House Student Conduct Code and the Academic Integrity Policy, as contained in the Resident Handbook.

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