Computer Basics

Computer Basics
A Trudie House

Download Course Syllabus – Computer Basics

Instructor Information:
Rebecca Jackson
Web site:

Course Description: This class assumes you know nothing about computers. A 2 hour session will introduce a new user to the computer.  Understand the hardware including the keyboard, mouse, and other input/output devices. Log in and out of the system, start to use your computer.   Also covered will be some of the computer jargon.

Length of Class: (2) 2 hour sessions

Charge: Free

Topics covered:

  • Description of hardware – monitor, cpu, keyboard, mouse
  • How to turn on computer and monitor
  • How to use keyboard
    • Overview of functions on the keyboard
      • Shift key,Caps Lock, Enter key, up and down keys, numbers
    • Term ‘press any key’
  • How to use a mouse
    • Single clicks vs double clicks
    • Right clicks vs left click
  • How to Log On
    • Username
    • Password
  • Overview of Task bar
  • Overview of Desktop
  • Icons
  • Start
  • Connecting to the world
  • Bring up a web browser
  • Minimize, Maximize and Close windows
  • Scrolling
  • Alt, cntl, delete key overview
  • Log Off – Standby, turn off, restart


Students will receive an “S” for satisfactory progress or an “I” for incomplete based on class attendance and participation as well as mastery of assigned tasks. Class is repeatable three times.


As a resident of A Trudie House, you are expected to exhibit conduct compatible with the mission of our organization. It is your responsibility to become familiar with and adhere to the A Trudie House Student Conduct Code and the Academic Integrity Policy, as contained in the Resident Handbook.

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